first patient, Dream clinic, and the story behind… (Patient testimonial included)


I have been practicing Chinese medicine in the U.S. for three years now. Since I graduated from medical school in China in 2013, one of my major goals of life has been to help people live a healthier life. I used to work for a few medical groups in NJ, but the beauty of solo practice always attracts me more. Taisu Wellness is a dream come true.

Like many other health professionals who long for a better health care model in the U.S., I am actively participating in the #Ideal Medical Care Movement# led by Dr. Pamela Wible, MD (check out her website here -

Here are some ideas of an Ideal Clinic:

- Truly patient-centered

- Designed by the patients and the community in collaboration with the doctor

- Easy access to an ideal doctor who gives excellent information and helps patients reach their full potential in life

Dr. Wible's model reminds me of my childhood dream of being a doctor who does house calls and serves everyone in the neighborhood. I was being trained to be an assembly line Ob/Gyn in China 6 years ago. It didn't make me happy to have only less than 5 minutes to see a patient. So I quit and have been exploring a path in practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, which emphasizes more on integrative health, human's relationship with nature, and the self-healing power we were born with. Inspired by Dr. Wible, I opened TaisuWellness recently, looking forward to serving my neighborhood with all my holistically focused training and techniques.

I saw my first patient in my Dream Clinic yesterday and here's how I felt about it -

IT WAS AAAAMAZING!!!! For the first time in my life, I didn't have to look at the clock. We sat on the couch and had a long conversation. We dived into his life and his passion, he showed me all his fancy martial arts - Herb has been practicing martial arts for a few years now. Watching his movements, I had a better idea of how he injured himself, which helped me come up with the plan of care based on his exercise habits as well as his personality. Then we did the treatment. He felt better after the treatment. Although he felt like he was here for a long time and he wondered if he had chatted for too long(the answer is No!~), the visit was 90 minutes including the treatment. My ideal initial visit is 60-90 minutes so it was perfect. I was still very excited after he left - I had fun while I took care of him, he received a great treatment and was satisfied. 

Now listen to Herb, my first Ideal Patient:), describing his first ideal clinic visit:

Herb Mauro - Testimonial for Dr. Tedi Zeng


For many years I have had lower back pain, and have tried many things to alleviate that pain without success. Having said that, I had always heard about/been curious about acupuncture but never had the opportunity to try it. Dr. Zeng gave me my first experience with this healing method, and I am so grateful that she did! Dr. Zeng was extremely professional and thorough. She explained the process in detail and what to expect at each stage. She listened carefully to my history and gave me great insight into how back pain occurs and what acupuncture could do to help improve my overall health and athletic lifestyle. During the session, Dr. Zeng’s skill and methodical technique were quickly apparent. She provided great care at all times and made sure to ask questions throughout the process to ensure that I was comfortable and understood each step. The deeper we got into the session, the more relaxed I became. The process was extremely pleasant, peaceful and therapeutic and one could easily drift off to sleep! At the conclusion of the session, I felt an immediate difference in my lower back (no pain to speak of) and an overall feeling of tranquility - and this was just the first time! Thank you, Dr. Zeng, for this wonderful experience, and I look forward to my next session!


Herb Mauro