We create personalized treatment plans, modify them using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic methods, and analyze your feedback during the process. An initial session will take up to 90 minutes, including a TCM evaluation and treatment. Follow-up visits normally take 30-45 minutes per session. Private treatment rooms are equipped with essential oil aroma therapy and meditation music.

Herbal medicine

We make herbal formulas from over 300 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs to suit your needs and achieve better health. We only use herbs from FDA approved companies. Each herbal formula is personalized and modified based on your bi-weekly progress. All herbs come in granule form, making it super simple to insert a TCM approach into your daily life, and to sooth, cleanse, and invigorate your body.

Wellness Consultation

We are born with different constitutions, and our bodies change over time. Exploring a healthy lifestyle could be a lifetime journey - you need to constantly catch up with the changes inside you, as well as the circumstance you are in. We are here to guide you on how to eat and move (or not move) seasonally and become more connected to nature and yourself.