Christine L.

age 30

Nutley, NJ

As soon as I sat down with Tedi, I felt immediately comfortable as she took her time explaining every step of the session, especially the reasons behind everything she did. Her wealth of knowledge and experiences was impressive. I had pain in my heel that felt significant relief after just first session. I’ve seen my fair share of acupuncturists, but Tedi has been by far the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist!

Sebastian C.

age 36

Queens, NY

I was wandering around for about 3 years in constant bad allergic reactions (16 different types of trees, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, you name it): I couldn't sleep. I've gone for western medicine treatments (got shots and meds), it would stop my allergic reactions short term and not much more. I genuinely felt no joy or peace for years and was praying for mercy and a way out of what I was experiencing. 

I heard about Tedi through a reference and thought I should give acupuncture a try. I had gone for a few sessions and every time I've gone I felt immediate relief and had noticeable recovery overtime. Tedi was patient in explaining the cause of so many allergic reaction episodes and confident in resolving the root of my allergy problems.

There are plenty of Chinese and Korean acupuncturists near where I live - the heart of Flushing- Queens, NY. I've tried so many of them to try to save the commute hassle but they are just not as good as Tedi. Other acupuncturists I've tried also charge much more than Tedi. It's a over 2.5-hour commute for me to travel to Jersey for appointments (5 hours round trip) but I'd rather just suck it up because she is the real deal and worth every single penny and every second. 

Xiaowen L.

age 27

North Plainfield, NJ

I have been suffering from lower back pain for 3 years because I sit in front of my computer all day at work. The pain was so bad that sometimes I couldn’t sit. I came to Tedi for help and her acupuncture really mitigates the pain through the hardest times. She not only does the work but also explain how doing acupuncture in certain spots in my body can help. I used to be afraid of the concept of being stung by needles. However, Tedi made every treatment session fun and enjoyable. I am now a regular client of hers and would definitely recommend her to my other friends!

Sue W.

age 41

Morristown, NJ

Tedi is great! I went to see her when I had the worst seasonal allergy in 2018, after trying all kinds of allergy medicines and, at this point, could barely open my eyes. She was running on an tight schedule and was kind enough to fit me in. During the session, she told me how to build up my immune system to prevent future allergy flare ups. I felt relief from my symptoms almost immediately after the last needle was pulled out. I have recommended her to a lot of friends who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine treatments.